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The Events in Ferguson will one day make a great movie for white people to feel guilty about and give an academy award to

and the story will revolve around a white journalist who ultimately realizes that wow, we’re all human

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"Some white people are so privileged, they expect sympathy for their guilt."
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"Young men need to be socialized in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism."
Mary Pipher, Reviving Ophelia (via wetforest)
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white feminism be like

*puts glitter in vagina*

*takes pics of pink dildos*

*photoshops fruits onto genital area*

*takes pictures of menstrual blood trickling down thighs or of a pad*

*”shocking” nudes of a cis, thin, white woman*

*not shaving as a tactical FCK YOU to men*

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Anonymous asked: i know some countries still have a pretty big problem with racism but it's not universal. being defensive and pushing people away is not gonna help anyone.



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joan rivers is in the death note and i am waiting

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